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You can enjoy various KBS broadcasts from abroad, such as which is available in 114 countries, offering the latest news and other contents in 11 languages, as well as targeted at the Korean diaspora.1.

Digital Contents

Texts and videos for news, current affairs, entertainment and other KBS WORLD programs are available in 11 languages.

2. KBS WORLD Broadcast Schedule

3. Audio Service

• Ch 1 : 24-hr streaming service in 11 languages (replacing Win.K 11)

• Ch 2 : 24-hr streaming service in English (replacing Win.K 24)

• MUSIC : Streaming service for music programs in 11 languages (replacing Win.K Music)

4. Bookmark Favorite Contents

Contents of interest can be bookmarked under “Saved Contents” for future viewing.

5. Where you can experience and learn about diverse Korean culture!

• Let’s Learn Korean : provides various Korean language education programs using daily conversations and lines from TV dramas.

• Korean Cuisine : introduces 52 popular Korean dishes and offers unique stories regarding their origin, ingredients, as well as the recipes in 11 languages.

• Korean Peninsula A to Z : A multilingual page that provides comprehensive information on inter-Korean relations and general issues happening on the Korean peninsula.

* Languages : English, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

* Requirements : Android 4.3 or later
* Contact : [email protected]
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