Flash Keylogger Pro

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Keylogger for Android, no root access required

Safeguard your children or monitor family members' activities browsing on the internet online.

Flash Keylogger Pro records keystrokes using a custom keyboard and accessibility service.

This keylogger uses a custom keyboard and accessibility service which increases the accuracy of recording keystrokes. This app can work without changing the phone's keyboard.

⭐ Remote mailing
⭐ Custom Keyboard
⭐ Keylogger
⭐ Neat UI
⭐ Hide app
⭐ Easy to use
⭐ No root access required

It is recommended to create a new Google account for the purpose of remote mailing service.

When the app is hidden you can access the app settings from phone's Language and Input Settings and search for Flash Keylogger Pro

The best part of Flash Keylogger Pro is you can easily hide the app or change icon by changing the app icon.
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